Drive by jeepney or by tricycle to kinakin junction commences your five hours trek. The wide trail ascends moderately along a wide trail forest, noting the number of pitcher plants in the area to reach a pavilion rough terrain. The road continuously fairly level winding between the hills to eventually reach a truly magnificent view of the mountain scape. A small waterfall cascades down a smooth slab of rock along the rough wide trail and it is an ideal spot for taking a break. It continuously descends wending its way downward. Occasional views of the terraces, mountain and soon reaches cambullo village. Descending by stone steps and concrete stairways you can reach the village in about forty five minutes. Spend the night in the rustic cobbled village and once before the ancient craft of bark weaving thrives.

DAY 02:

After leisurely have breakfast, resume the trekking to batad. It takes two hours to walk through the heritage trail to reach PAT-TI. Stop at this place and gaze around the environment of the village and the cascading AMPHITHEATER stone walled rice terraces before getting into a walk for about forty five minutes to the guest house where you spend the night. Having a break, start walking to the terraces downward to FUBBLOY and continue apparently upward until to the water fall lodge. Descend into the deep ravine to BATTO River to reach a point where the magnificent view of the TAPPIYA WATER FALL is. Down to the pool and settle yourself and get relax. After a good rest, retrace back to the water fall lodge then into the guest house. Relax for a while then take shower before dinner.

DAY 03:

The three hours trail hike from BATAD to BANGAAN village descends until to a small streams of water. Crossing into the other side of a bridge, the path goes smoothly sailing and bisected by a river hundred meters below. Continue contouring through until reaching a pavilion. Descend the grassy trail until eventually hit a short spot of the main road to LANAH. The transportation awaits here to drive you one kilometer ahead to BANGAAN. The stunning view of the village can be seen on the road.


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